Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So, its still not a great week :-(

But better than the last 3! 

I really went off the rails, and havent had the nerve to WI yet :-(    but this week I am getting it together again and not doing too badly ...

I have had some major family stress to deal with, and have had a broken toe - meaning no exercise, severe bordom and a general crappy feeling all round ..  so the fact that I am doing ok this week is actually great, its better than I would have done before thats for sure when dealing with this sort of circumstances!

We go on holiday this Saturday, so in order to be as accountable as I can while away I am going to do a WI on Friday night and assess the damage from this last fall off the wagon ... hopefully keeping it together this week will offset some of the amount I must have gained in the last 2 weeks, all will be revealed on Friday I guess! 

wish me luck!  xx

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