Mini Goal Rewards

Just like everyone else I need a bit of incentive to get me moving some days.
These items/treats are ones that I, or my wonderful family think might just cut the mustard.

Like the rest of this blog this list will be an evolving process dependent on my progress ...I am looking forward to ticking them all off...


20lbs (323lbs) --- New Dean Koontz Book Reached 07/03/2010
28lbs (315lbs) --- Spa treatment with my Daughter (if she has lost 14lbs by then!) , and 2nd Pandora Charm , A fish to signify doing the swimathon too Reached 04/04/10
35lbs (308lbs) My 10%  --- New strappy sandals for summer Reached 09/05/10
40lbs (303lbs) --- Ladies Night with friends @ Clayart Studio Reached 06/06/10
42lbs (301lbs) --- 3rd Pandora Charm for 3st loss - I want a Swan for this one to be a reminder of the transformation I am going through and how fabulous I hope to look at the end of it Reached 06/06/10
45lbs (298lbs) ---£50 from my lovely husband to spend on clothes for our holiday Reached 13/06/10

50lbs (293lbs) --- First Biggie this one :-) Weekend away with friends in Bath at a Spa hotel.

56lbs (287lbs) --- 4th Pandora Charm for 4st loss - I want a Silver Buddha for this one to serve as a warning about how I will look again if I don't stay with the new lifestyle ... lol
63lbs (280lbs) --- New workout clothes to last me through the next 40lbs off
70lbs (273lbs) --- 5th Pandora Charm for 5st loss - I want a Silver High Heel for this one as hopefully after losing this much I will actually be able to walk in this kind of shoes again :-)
75lbs (268lbs) --- £75 in Simply Scuba vouchers (from my mum!)
80lbs (263lbs ---  Rome City Guide and Italian Phrasebook ~ from my hubby
84lbs (259lbs) --- 6th Pandora Charm for 6st loss - I want a Silver Giraffe for this one - because I love Giraffes and to remind me of a particularly bad day on our holiday to Florida where I couldn't fit on many of the things I wanted to go on and that I never want that to happen to me again
91lbs (252lbs) --- New Badminton gear - I'll hopefully be happy to start playing again once I get to this weight - I had to stop as my knees weren't up to lugging me around the court :-(
98lbs (245lbs) --- 7th Pandora Charm for 7st loss - I want a Silver Turtle for this one, I will be almost half way there at this point and the turtle will be a reminder to me that slow and steady wins the race!

102lbs (241lbs) --- Long weekend with hubby in Rome with Opera tickets

107lbs (236lbs) --- Another set of new workout clothes/trainers to see me through the next 50lbs off
112lbs (231lbs) --- 8th Pandora Charm for 8st loss - I want a Silver Dangling Compas for this one - to show that new direction my life is taking and all the new possiblilties that will open up for me
119lbs (224lbs) --- Book on French Wine from my sis-in-law
126lbs (217lbs) --- 9th Pandora Charm for 9st loss - I want a Silver Queen Bee for this one - by this point I will finally be fabulously in charge of me lol
128lbs (215lbs) --- Wine Tasting Weekend in France
135lbs (208lbs) --- Book on Gaudi
140lbs (203lbs) --- 10th Pandora Charm for 10st loss - I want a Gold Hanging Heart for this one - just seems like a good one to signify the fact that my heart will no longer be struggling to keep me going as it was when i weighed 10st more!
142lbs (201lbs) --- 12 month subscriptions to DIVE and Sports Diver Magazines

150lbs (193lbs) --- First time for 13 years that my weight in lbs will start with a 1!!!  - Trip to Barcelona with my two elder daughters - will just go easy on the Tapas and Sangria! :-) 

154lbs (189lbs) --- 11th Pandora Charm for 11st loss - I want a Silver Lucky Dice for this one - to remind me of how lucky I am to have great friends and a wonderful family whose support has helped me reach this point
157lbs (186lbs) --- Yet another set of decent workout clothes/shoes to last me through another 50lbs down.
164lbs (179lbs) --- £150 Simply Scuba Voucher (from my dad and step-mother)
168lbs (175lbs) --- 12th Pandora Charm for 12st loss - I want a Gold Dangling Star for this one - explains itself really lol
171lbs (172lbs) --- Egypt Guide Book ~  from my lovely daughters

178lbs (165lbs) --- This is when I plan to do my PADI Open Water Dive Course. This will be more than funded by my "cash4lbs" fund that my family/friends have set up for me.. 3 family members are adding £1.00 each in cash for every lb that I lose, and some friends are adding another £1 per lb between them - giving me a total of £4.00 for every lb that I shed!  BIG HELP GUYS!! Can't Thank You Enough! :-))

182lbs (161lbs) --- 13th Pandora Charm for 13st loss - I want a Gold Anchor for this one to Celebrate getting my PADI Certification as well.
185lbs (158lbs) --- Egypt Diving Books (from my in-laws)
190lbs (153lbs) --- £150 from my brother and sis-in-law (planning on using it towards a new camera for my diving trip!)
196lbs (147lbs) --- 14th Pandora Charm for 14st loss - I want a Silver Suitcase  for this one to signify all the holidays and other experiences I have missed out on due to my weight and all the great ones to come - starting with my first Dive Holiday!

200lbs (143lbs) --- ***GOAL*** this loss will put me at 10st 3lbs ... At this point I should be qualified to dive and soon be heading off on a trip to Egypt to scuba dive in the Red Sea :-)