Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 27 WI ... New Mini Goal, New Focus

Yey! So at least the sun is shining  (a bit) so we can pretend its summer lol  .... most of my holiday was rain, rain, wind and oh just for a change RAIN!! ... but there was plenty to do indoors, and unlike other holidays i'm not just talking about eating! :-) 

The last few weeks have been a bust for me, I just really lost the plot for a bit there, we had a lot of family stuff going on that caused major stress as well as some serious work happening in the house that caused mess and noise on a huge level and made it hard to stick to a plan of any kind and, really I just needed a break from a few other things .. the good news is that i've now recharged my batteries and feel in control again .. :-)

I went and did a WI last night and the result wasnt nearly as scary as I was worried it was going to be .. in the last 4 weeks I have gained back 5lbs, not good, but considering what i have been eating and the the fact that I didnt do any swimming for almost 3 weeks due to my broken toe its a shock that it wasnt a gain of about 15lbs LOL

I have set a new mini goal..  to lose a stone by David's birthday which is Oct 14th (WI date will be Oct 17th). 14lbs in 12 weeks seems like a plan to stick to at the moment as although I feel pretty good at the moment about getting back on plan I know how much tougher its going to be to keep with it every week while the kids are off school for the summer and we have a lot of people visting - which always means more meals out and eating on the run!  ...    I may push the goal up a bit at the 6 week mark if I am doing better than expected :-)


  1. Hiya hun sorry havent been on here for a while.Recharging the batteries always help.It 's great that you set yourself a new challenge well done you !You can do it!Cxx