My NSV's ...

While the numbers going down are a big part of this journey, other things along the way are going to make me feel better or different about myself and so I am adding them here as I think of them in order to help me see what I have achieved ...

1/ Being able to walk up and down stairs without my knees hurting as much (thats a biggie as it used to really get me down) (added: 21/2/10)

2/ Not getting annoyed at my DH when he parks further away in a car park, I now don't mind walking a few 100 extra feet to get somewhere :-) (added: 15/3/10)

3/ Starting to lose my chins! (had about 6 i think to start with! ) (added: 19/3/10)

4/ Being able to swim 100 lengths (2.5km distance) for the first time in 4 years and really enjoying it! (added: 21/3/10)

5/ Going down a bra back size without losing a cup size (46ins to 44ins but still DD Cup! Not that I want to end up at that cup but its nice that it's not the first thing to disappear) (added: 30/3/10)

6/ Dropping another size in trousers to a 24 (added: 31/3/10)

7/ Catching sight of myself in a mirror under harsh, unforgiving fluorecents for the first time since losing weight and thinking that I actually didn't look too shabby at all! (added: 2/4/10)

8/ Seeing my first set of After Photos.. and actually being happy with the difference in the way I look .. having a photo of myself that I actually like is a shocker that I could get used to :-) (added: 6/4/10)

9/ Doing my first 50 lengths Breast Stroke (added 13/4/10)

10/ Completing My 2.5km Swimathon! I did It all breast stroke, and finished in 1h 32mins!  (added: 17/3/10)

11/ Being able to swim 20 second 25m pool Lengths - 3 months ago I started doing them at approx 45 seconds!  (added 06/05/10)