Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 27 WI ... New Mini Goal, New Focus

Yey! So at least the sun is shining  (a bit) so we can pretend its summer lol  .... most of my holiday was rain, rain, wind and oh just for a change RAIN!! ... but there was plenty to do indoors, and unlike other holidays i'm not just talking about eating! :-) 

The last few weeks have been a bust for me, I just really lost the plot for a bit there, we had a lot of family stuff going on that caused major stress as well as some serious work happening in the house that caused mess and noise on a huge level and made it hard to stick to a plan of any kind and, really I just needed a break from a few other things .. the good news is that i've now recharged my batteries and feel in control again .. :-)

I went and did a WI last night and the result wasnt nearly as scary as I was worried it was going to be .. in the last 4 weeks I have gained back 5lbs, not good, but considering what i have been eating and the the fact that I didnt do any swimming for almost 3 weeks due to my broken toe its a shock that it wasnt a gain of about 15lbs LOL

I have set a new mini goal..  to lose a stone by David's birthday which is Oct 14th (WI date will be Oct 17th). 14lbs in 12 weeks seems like a plan to stick to at the moment as although I feel pretty good at the moment about getting back on plan I know how much tougher its going to be to keep with it every week while the kids are off school for the summer and we have a lot of people visting - which always means more meals out and eating on the run!  ...    I may push the goal up a bit at the 6 week mark if I am doing better than expected :-)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So, its still not a great week :-(

But better than the last 3! 

I really went off the rails, and havent had the nerve to WI yet :-(    but this week I am getting it together again and not doing too badly ...

I have had some major family stress to deal with, and have had a broken toe - meaning no exercise, severe bordom and a general crappy feeling all round ..  so the fact that I am doing ok this week is actually great, its better than I would have done before thats for sure when dealing with this sort of circumstances!

We go on holiday this Saturday, so in order to be as accountable as I can while away I am going to do a WI on Friday night and assess the damage from this last fall off the wagon ... hopefully keeping it together this week will offset some of the amount I must have gained in the last 2 weeks, all will be revealed on Friday I guess! 

wish me luck!  xx

Saturday, July 03, 2010

...and, not a great end either :-(

I have to come clean today and admit that this week has been a total bust... and if I dont log a gain at WI tomorrow it will be nothing short of a miracle :-(

This week has been difficult emotionally, due to a number of family issues, and next week doesnt look like its going to shape up any better :-(    So, I know why I have been craving (and eating!) the wrong stuff, and way too much of it to boot... but knowing the reason doesnt make it feel any better ... this weekend I feel iffy, I feel fat and bloated and generally listless and unhappy..  even my swimming hasn't improved my mood much this week and thats a first!

I actually remember this feeling from 6 months ago, and I cant believe I have let myself get back to this :-(((( I know that part of this is me failing on purpose at this point... I am doing this too me.. I think partly because although the changes I am seeing in myself are good and exciting they are also scary and unpredictable ... and so I am applying the mental brakes!

I guess I really need to work on getting my head back in the game again before I am going to be able to make anymore progress... I am going to work on that this week.. wish me luck!  xx

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not a great start to the week :-(

I'm not doing too well this week, doing really badly actually :-(   TOTM is approaching and I am just hungry and tired all the time .. have eaten way too much the last 2 days, and couldn't get with it enough to go swimming last night - I stayed home and ate cake instead! :-( 

but, while before I would have viewed this as an excuse to give up on the whole idea I now see that its just one of those things I have to get through and then move on from... so, I may not get a loss this week (might even get a gain!) but i'll deal and move on into a better result next week when I'm no longer at the mercy of my hormones ... 

I do feel more in control today, and I still have 5 days to turn the week around so i'm sure it will work out anyway, but if it doesnt then there's always next week :-) The difference now is that I take responsibility for my choices and have learned how to live with the results and try better next time  :-)

hope everyone is still enjoying the sun (its deserted us here but i'm sure it'll be back!) xx

Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 23 Weigh-in Result...not a happy camper :-(

This week I got a STS!   and i'm not happy about it :-(  I didnt deserve it and its making the odds of me reaching my mini goal in time for my holiday a lot less likely :-(

I find it really odd that this was the first week that I did exactly what ww tells you to do - and didnt get a loss... mind you could be the heat (am bloating a bit!) or just the fact that this was going to be the outcome anyway after losing 4lb last week.. i'm never going to know for sure ....

This week I am going back to mixing the points on a weekly basis, will be interesting to see what that brings on sunday ...

hope everyone is enjoying the sun :-)  xx