Who Moved the Goal Posts....

Ok, so i'm not David Beckham (and, Thank grandma's little cotton socks, not Victoria Beckham either!) so getting a goal isnt going to make me rich and famous ... However it will allow me to shop till I drop, squeeze into smaller spaces & clothes, go out more and to more places and have more control over whose £5*$ I have to take (Hang on, that does sound like Victoria Beckham LOL)...

Anyway, here are some of the things/experiences I have either never done, never got or used to be able to do and really want to have another go at, that I WILL be able to do some time in the not too distant (I hope!) future...A few of the top ones come first but they are mostly in no particular order (would rather be Dermot O'Leary than Posh Spice!)

Learn to Scuba Dive - have wanted to do this since i was 14 but,  for once reason or another I went though my entire 20's never getting round to it and by the time i hit 30 my weight put me off and then eventually made it impossible ...

Being able to wear long/knee High Boots - just think they are so cool and my calfs are too wide to fit any of them :-(

Getting to see my collar, hip and ankle bones for the first time since my age started with a 1!

Not having to pretend to be happy to 'hold the bags' while everyone else has fun - This has happened at every theme park I have ever been to, and it really upset and embarrased me when I couldn't get on some of the things I wanted to try while at Disneyworld/Universal Orlando - the holiday cost so much and, although I had a blast,  I just didn't get as much out of it as everyone else did.

Buying trousers that have a size starting with a 1 instead of a 2 - got 3/4 sizes to go to achieve that one :-) AND! being able to see daylight between my legs while wearing them

Buying a pair of "Real" jeans - you know, the ones that actually have a button and zip - and not having to lie down to fasten them.

Being able to take my older daughters to Barcelona and other places in Europe for the weekend - cant really do that at the moment as I daren't try and fit in a budget airline seat...ditto for going to Prague and Budapest with hubby!

Trying Skiing and horse-riding again, I did a lot of these as a teenager and loved them, I want another shot!

Being able to order whatever I want for dessert in a restaurant without feeling like i need to excuse myself to the wait staff ... this has spoiled the end of a lot of great nights out for me.

Sitting on a sofa without hugging a cushion in front of me to hide my belly!