Saturday, July 03, 2010

...and, not a great end either :-(

I have to come clean today and admit that this week has been a total bust... and if I dont log a gain at WI tomorrow it will be nothing short of a miracle :-(

This week has been difficult emotionally, due to a number of family issues, and next week doesnt look like its going to shape up any better :-(    So, I know why I have been craving (and eating!) the wrong stuff, and way too much of it to boot... but knowing the reason doesnt make it feel any better ... this weekend I feel iffy, I feel fat and bloated and generally listless and unhappy..  even my swimming hasn't improved my mood much this week and thats a first!

I actually remember this feeling from 6 months ago, and I cant believe I have let myself get back to this :-(((( I know that part of this is me failing on purpose at this point... I am doing this too me.. I think partly because although the changes I am seeing in myself are good and exciting they are also scary and unpredictable ... and so I am applying the mental brakes!

I guess I really need to work on getting my head back in the game again before I am going to be able to make anymore progress... I am going to work on that this week.. wish me luck!  xx

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