Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not a great start to the week :-(

I'm not doing too well this week, doing really badly actually :-(   TOTM is approaching and I am just hungry and tired all the time .. have eaten way too much the last 2 days, and couldn't get with it enough to go swimming last night - I stayed home and ate cake instead! :-( 

but, while before I would have viewed this as an excuse to give up on the whole idea I now see that its just one of those things I have to get through and then move on from... so, I may not get a loss this week (might even get a gain!) but i'll deal and move on into a better result next week when I'm no longer at the mercy of my hormones ... 

I do feel more in control today, and I still have 5 days to turn the week around so i'm sure it will work out anyway, but if it doesnt then there's always next week :-) The difference now is that I take responsibility for my choices and have learned how to live with the results and try better next time  :-)

hope everyone is still enjoying the sun (its deserted us here but i'm sure it'll be back!) xx

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