Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week 21 Weigh-in Result...Getting so close to my mini goal :-)

First off, sorry for not posting all week, its been a funny ole week where I seem to have had 50 other things to do each day and I still haven't felt that well - I am finally (mostly!) healthy again and got swimming again today for only the second time in 2 weeks and I feel so much better for it :-)  Although I have to admit it was a real stuggle to keep going - its shocking how fast your fitness level drops when you stop for a bit :-(

WI today netted me another 1lb off, which I am really happy about!  after losing so much while I was ill  and not eating I fully expected to put some of that back on this week and end up with a gain, esp as I haven't done any exercise this week .. but then maybe that's what saved me.. whatever the reason I'll take it lol ..

This week's loss means that I have now lost 45lbs in just under 5 months... not too shabby me thinks :-))))  This means that I have just 5lbs more to lose to get to a 50lb total for my first 6 months and I have 5 weeks left to get it ...  I have decided to go all out and try and get to the 56lb off that was my goal before as I know I will feel fantastic on my holiday if I have managed to lose 4st !  not sure if I can do the 11lb in 5 weeks, and, if not,  i'll still be really happy with getting to the 50lb mark so its win win for me at the moment :-)  Getting to the 45lb off means I have also reached a weight where I get another mini goal reward - this time it's a shiny £50 note from my dear hubby to spend on something glam for our holiday .. will have to think about that one :-) 

Overall the last couple of weeks have really been a stuggle to stay on track and do the right thing, and I know that if i hadnt been ill I would most likely have been reporting gains...  but thanks to the fact that I havent had to do that I feel pretty positive about this coming week and hope to make some real progress on reaching my mini goal :-) 

hope everyone has had a great weekend in the sun! xx

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