Monday, June 07, 2010

Week 19 and 20 Weigh-in Results...and stuff lol

I haven't blogged in a while ... family stuff and a bout of food poisoning have made the last couple of week just blur, but i'm getting back with it now and promise i'll do better this month :-)

Week 19 netted me a STS (which I was really happy with as I ate nothing but rubbish for most of the week and think that only my exercise saved me!) and Week 20 is done but not a real weight I think ..  I had lost 6lbs on sunday.. but due to the mentioned food poisoning I hadn't eaten much all week (and most of that didnt stay around for long! lol) so I was bound to have lost a chuck .. I will likely put most of it back on this week... watch this space on that one ..

mind you, even if its a fake loss, it has made me feel better, because losing that amount has meant that for the first time in about 4 years I am under 300lbs! ok so i'm 299lbs! but that still counts, right? lol   even if I put some of it back on, I will know that I got there, and that I really can do it again ...  it also means that I am only another 6lb short of reaching the quarter point of my goal... and I think that will give me a huge boost! :-))))

well, still not feeling great here so that's all folks for now ...  hope you all have a great, on track week! xx


  1. Glad you're feeling better hun, was getting worried! xx

  2. Glad your feeling better and i know what you mean about finally being under 300lbs!

  3. thanks again for the comment guys :-) I am really glad to be finally getting with it again.. its been a rough couple of weeks, but then i guess if everything was smooth sailing the journey would be pretty boring lol ..