Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blitz, Struggle and Save! .. might be the answer :-)

I have learnt something new this week, well new in relation to eating anyway .. 

I have always been the type of person who does much better when faced with challenges and deadlines, I am one of those thrive under pressure sorts lol..   but I never really thought about how that might affect my losing weight challenge till now...

On monday night this week I had a major blowout on an epic scale - I went over by 29pts! OMG!   But, having done that I am now so much more positive about the rest of the week, it seems that by having the challenge of clawing back those points I have been able to get re-focused and back on track quicker.. I have a goal to aim for and its making all the difference ..

I know that a lot of people have a treat and go over points on wi day when they know they have the rest of the week to make it up, and I have always been against that idea as I worried that going over on what is (normally) a high motivation day for me, when its easy to stay on track, would mean that I then didn't have a cushion of spare points for later on in the week on a harder day - but, it seems that being in a postion of having to claw points back is actually good for me as it gives me a fight to play out that week, rather than just the challenge of sticking to my points, which doesnt seem to be enough for me as I get bored ...instead, when I have to save points and earn extra ap's to cover a minus points situation I actually feel more rather than less in control and feel really good each time I end a day with a few more saved points put away :-)

Still not sure if i could overeat on wi day on purpose, still seems wrong and odd to me, but i'm certainly going to give it some more thought. And, to end on a positive, after being with it yesterday I am now only 21.5pts in the red! lol

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