Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swimming oddity, in a good way, and a watery NSV ...

First to report.. that NSV! I have been following a set progam from a web site called Swimfit (details on my exercise goals page) and last night (after thinking maybe for the last 3 sessions) I realised that I have defintely got to the point where my current program isnt challenging anymore and its time to move on to a harder one!

Its so great to have such a tangible example of the improvement in my fitness level that isn't just subjective to how I feel on a certain day (you know the kind of thing I mean, one day you can walk up a hill easily and then another for some reason its a big struggle so you dont know where you are).
This is a case of real sustained progress and it feels Grrreeeaaaaaatttttt!!!!!! :-)))))))

Overall I feel great this week, I am finding sticking to my points easy, am keen to put in the exercise minutes, and generally feeling relaxed and happy in my own skin... I think it has a lot to do with being able to just about see the chance to have reached my 4st loss goal by the time I go on holiday - 7lbs to lose and 4 more WI's ...  so close, if I dont make it then it certainly wont be for lack of effort LOL

Also in swimming news: If you have read my posts before you will know that I have been starting to get concerned that as my muscles get used to swimming all the time that it wasnt going to provide enough cardio exercise to keep me moving forward and that I was going to have to venture back to the gym more often, which I really didnt want to do.  Starting using the swimfit program partly solved this but not entirely and I was starting to get worried agian ... but over the last 4 weeks I have noticed that its becoming easier to keep my heart rate up again and i wasnt entirely sure why.. but after I bit of research I have worked it out -  and its so simple I cant believe I took this long to get it! lol  As I am dropping bodyfat I don't float so easily - result being that I have to work harder to push myself through the water, hence more effort needed and a better workout .... odd but true! lol

And, the best bit, the more fat I drop, the harder it will keep getting, so my swimming will continue to provide the challenge I need and I wont have to face the gym that often!  Now that's what I call things all going swimmingly! :-)  xx

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