Friday, June 18, 2010

Brotherly Love and Logic...taking your own advice is hard!

... My brother and his girlfriend are trying to lose weight as of 2 weeks ago,  he stopped smoking in February this year, and has since put on almost 4st! Ugh!

They aren't following any kind of system, just cutting back a bit and upping the amount of moving around they do. Since I have been at this weight loss lark for 5 months now they came looking to me for some advice, at which point I wasnt sure what to tell them, except for something like this:

 "you can only do your best, and you cant be good all the time, there will be lousy days when you will just want a bloomin cake, but, the good thing is that you can! its not so much about what you eat, as it is being accountable for what you eat and giving it your best shot each day. If you go over on one day you cut back on others till you get the balance back, a week where you have been good and on point for 80%-90% of the time is good enough and will get you where you want to be "

now, that little lot is good advice, So! why cant I seem to take it myself?   I want every week to work and the points to balance, and of course they don't, life just isnt that easy or simple, at least not all the time!  For the first time as I was saying this stuff to him it dawned on me that if I dont start to live by my own advice then I am going to see about 4 weeks out of 6 as a failure on my part! and they arent! in 5 months I have had only 2 gains, and 3 sts's... meaning that I have logged a loss in 17 weeks!  now that aint half bad! I have always been a type A nut lol.. but on this journey I really need to remember that being mostly good  is good enough and the best you can hope for a lot of the time...

and you know what? ...   it really is!!

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