Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Musical Points and Salad Days

Ok, so it's hot, probably hot where you are, and certainly hot here... hot brings round the "I should be eating more salad" mindset... and, mostly, i'm all for that,  its simple,  its heatlthy,  and best of all, most of it is ZERO points!  but its aint half a fuss to make... 

My point at the moment is due to my having just eaten a sandwich that I really didnt have the points for because I couldnt be bothered messing about with chopping and peeling - I was hungry!    I like my salad crunchy and fresh, not soggy and curled, so dont really like to have it sitting ready cut/chopped... but a lot of time its just too much effort to go to when you need food bad! lol ... if anyone has a great idea how to keep prepared salad in good nick in the fridge please past it along in the comments box :-) 

As you will know if you have read the rest of my blog, talked to me on Facebook, or a few other places, I tend to see my points as a weekly total to stick to rather than a daily one.. I can go over on bad days and cut back on the easier ones, and 17 losses in 22 weeks means that it must work for me!  but, I am all for figuring stuff out so this week I have decided to abandon the musical points game and stick to my daily points exactly each day (so far so good on day 3) to see what effect that will have on my wi result ... I will have approx 25 ap's by the end of the week and I dont plan to eat any of them (most weeks I dont).   watch this space to see how my body likes them apples ...

oh, and if you have found a decent low cal/fat Ranch dressing please let me know.. love the stuff but the points are hell  lol


  1. I love my salads like you-fresh and crunchy-but, I don't mind cutting all the vegetables on the night-I do pre-wash things and then I just grab them and chop-bagged salads just don't cut it-except....ASDA American RANCH Salad-because it is mostly cabbages-now, I adore Ranch-like you-and a low fat version-well-it's not Ranch-but this salad is 8.5 points, and the dressing is awesome-I just add in more vegetables-tomatoes, pepper-don;t know if ANY of that helps! I'll keep posted.

  2. thanks for the ASDA tip, I'll look out for that, it sounds like a winner! :-)

    I do keep ready cut carrot/radish/pepper etc in the fridge overnight to dip into but its the cucumber/lettuce/tomato type stuff that's the problem..

    guess I have to just stop being lazy and getting more organised to do this stuff before I get really hungry lol

    hope you're having a good week!
    angela xx