Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reality Check moment, Revised Goal and (almost) back in the black..

Its been a tough old week so far...until today I didnt track properly (have sat and caught all that up today) and I didnt eat well at all ..  I did however exceed my normal exercise meaning that by wi on Sunday I should just about break even due to my stash of ap's ...

Really, the last 5 weeks have been tough, have had a lot going on, some difficult family stuff and other family visiting and making my normal routine difficult to keep to... its been a case of life getting in the way of my plans :-)  

As of today I am not just back on track but steaming ahead  ...  I got a serious reality check in the post today and didnt like it one bit!  Last summer my husband's aunt came to visit and for some reason she picked this week to send us some copies of the photos she took then... I guess it was meant to be... In the pile of kids pictures there are 2 of me.. and to be honest I looked like a potato with hair!!  I cannot believe my face was so round and so shapeless... I NEVER! want to look like that again so i am seriously picking up steam and moving away from that as fast as i can! 

and, on to that goal rethink .. since the last few weeks have been a bit of a bust I need to rethink my goal loss for my holiday in July .. I have 8 wi's left and know that in that amount of time I'm simply not going to be able to lose the 18lbs needed to get me to 4st off ... I need to get a win on this to feel like I have made tangible progress so I am resetting this to aiming to lose just another 11lbs by then to get me to 3.5st lost...

That might still be a bit out of reach but I am going to try my best :-)


  1. Those periods when life gets in the way of our plans are right pains in the bum, but as long as you don't lose sight of your plans and hold on to the intent to keep going you will always be able to pick it back up and get on with it again, just as you are doing.

    Your revised goal is definitely doable - 11lb, 8 weeks. I bet you make it! Good luck anyway!

  2. 11lb in 8 week is totally do-able. its less than 2lb a week, averages out at 1.5 a week - i think - my maths sucks.

    congrats sweetness, congrats on finding your mojo!! x

  3. You can do it, you know you can. 11lb should just melt off you :)

    I feel for you with the pictures. My moment like that came about a month before I started WW with a pic of me and my sisters. I tried convinicing myself it was the way I was sat but deep down I knew it was my massive belly.

    Glad you're back on track sweetie xxx

  4. thanks for the comment guys :-) It always helps to get reminded that i'm not on my own in this chaos lol.. hope you are all having a great weekend! xx