Sunday, May 02, 2010

Week 15 WI, Clothing NSV and Other people's annoying attitudes (Round 2)

ok, well the scale was never going to be kind to me today, I wouldnt have deserved it to be after pretty much giving up and deciding to take a ww break for the 2nd half of the week (after already losing the plot in the first half).. 

but the good news is that it wasn't as mean as I probably deserved (thank goodness for all my new muscle picking up the slack LOL)  ..  net result was a 2lb Gain ...  Its the first time I have had a gain, and thought it would feel really bad but because I know it was earned I actually feel ok about it :-)  really! lol

I think that after 3 months of doing well (most of the time) and training like crazy for the swimathon i was just a bit blah and needed a time out! lol ... and it seems to have worked as I an starting a new tracking week today in good shape mojo wise and am determined to try and get to my 10% next sunday (will need a loss of 3lbs) which with some extra swimming and the help from having had an off week I really think i'll get :-)  wish me luck!

As for the NSV..  I hit tesco's last night for the usual boring stuff and when I got to the clothes bit I noticed an offer on t's of 2 for £6... I picked up 2 size 22's, tried them on and discovered they were too big!!  tried a few more and finally came home with an everyday one is a 20, and a new one for the gym in a size 18!! Woohoo!!  my clothes buying possibilities just got way bigger :-)))))) 

and, in other news... I posted a couple of weeks ago about the lousy attitude I got from the staff at the pool where I did my swimathon and how much it bugged me (not just for me but for what it means for everyone my size!).  I knew I would come up against it again and, here it is!     I went swimming on thursday night, and got in the pool just before the end of the aqua tone class .. we have to wait in the corner of the pool till they finish and as they were jogging round the pool a women doing the class smiled at me.. so as you do I smiled back, I wasnt sure if she was someone i had talked to before as i talk to a lot of people at the club but i'm not very good at remembering faces next time, anyway, when they came round the 2nd time she shouted to me that I should come join in next week as it was fun.. now at this point i still wasnt sure if i knew her so just said yeah it does look like fun ...when the class ended she came over to me and said - "you really should come, its for everyone, all shapes and sizes, a great place to start doing some exercise!"  WTF!!!  ... now I know that on some level she was being nice and thought she was being helpful... but what the hell right does she think she has to try and "help" me just because I am overweight??? what I said to her was along the lines of yeah, i'll look into it... but what a wanted to say would have went something like this..  listen up honey, when you get your prancing butt and your silly foam weights outta this pool I am going to swim 2.5km and would probably leave you for dust in a head to head!  It's that bloody assumption again, that the fact i am overweight must mean I couldnt walk without help and am just at the pool to float around like a dead dolphin!  Aaarrrggghhhhh!!! 

This attitude is yet another thing I sure as hell aint going to miss when I get thiner! 

Have a great weekend all! xx

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