Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Food = Fuel! -- By George, I think she's got it!

Well, its been an interesting week, got to 2.5st off and so got my 10%,  got a serious "Ghost of Christmas past" wake-up call via my sister-in-law and I am pretty sure I have made a major breakthrough on the issue I have with emotional eating!

This whole Food equals just fuel idea never sunk in with me, partly I think because I grew up in a house where more often than not everyone equated food with love, comfort and reward (I was that generation! lol) and not simply something you had to have in order to live! That kind of conditioning is probably 80% of my problems with eating for the wrong reasons and although I have known that for a long time I havent been able to get past it. Until now!  Over the last few weeks I have been taking a long hard look at what has triggered me eating the wrong things and/or at wrong times and a pattern has started to show that has made it so much easier to see what's going on with that in my head.

What I have finally realised this week is that I HAVE A CHOICE! Just because something is the way i've always been taught and always done it doesnt mean I have to continue on that path.. its an eye-opener for sure! so simple, yet so elusive till you get to the point where you can actually put in down in words and see clearly what you have just worked out...and that I guess is why this blog is so important to me, its giving me clarity in my head that i've never had before.

Obviously, this is something that is going to continue to trip me up on a regular basis for a long time to come, hey maybe forever, but at least i'll know a bit better why and be able to curb it sooner, leading to a bit more control for me to aid the good vibes lol

On a side note, I got my strappy sandals for getting to 35lbs and plan to give them their first outing at a Casino night we are heading to on Saturday... and I have officially gone down a shoe size into a 7 (now have 3 pairs that size) as I have lost serious weight on my feet! :-)    photos to follow in a day or so!

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