Thursday, May 06, 2010

WW Weather Forecast: Good with patches of Great :-)

After 3 iffy weeks I am having a really good one :-)   the semi-break last week has really helped me get re-focused and determined and I am finding this week so much easier .. I know it wont last but I am sure running with it at the moment LOL

Today is Day 5 for my tracking week and I have racked up 31 ap's from gym and swimming so far, and have 12.5 saved points banked! good times!  Going to see Iron Man 2 on Sat night and will use some of those for nachos and Ben & Jerry's GUILT FREE!  :-)

I also have a cool NSV to add this week.  Last night, and after already doing a full hour of swimming my daughter and I managed to start swimming 20 sec lengths, meaning that I have more than doubled my swimming speed since January! WOOHOO!!

One thing that has really put things into perspective this week is the fact that my sis-in-law is visiting. I last saw her in mid Feb and was shocked when she arrived this week to see that she seems to have found every pound i've lost and some extra ones! She was already a size 22 and is now 24/26 ... and she is only 4' 11" !!! Funny thing is that it's not so much the weight she has gained that shocked me, its the fact that she can't walk up a hill, or swim more than a few lengths or manage to stay awake for a whole day most days .. In short, she is now where I was 3 months ago and it's horrifiying!
I NEVER want to be that person again, never want to have to struggle to be able to just do day to day stuff and have to have afternoon naps to get through the day. Its been like watching myself, and now, with that new perspective I can really see just how bad my life truely was and it has terrified me to think that all it would take to start sliding back to that is a few weeks not caring what I eat and not bothering to go to the pool!

Its been a sobering experience, and one that I really think will give my motivation a jet-propelled boost in the future :-)


  1. You gonna swim your way to that goal !Well done hun!Carolexx

  2. thanks Carole.. I feel great and really motivated at the min.. so am milking it for all its worth ... i plan to win our challenge LOL xx