Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 18 Weigh-in Results...Confused.. but hey it's still in the right direction..

I have lost 1lb this week ... have done a bit less exercise, and fudged my points from day to day a bit more than usual, but ended the week yesterday with 7pts still banked .. so not sure what to make of that ..

a few reasons could be the answer I guess....  I should probably have eaten some of my 21 ap's, I had a couple of really high days that might have caused hiccups and I'm on hay fever meds that make me bloat a bit...  or it could just be what I thought was happening a few weeks ago that 1lb a week is just going to be the way it will be from now on ...

anyway, whatever the reason, its still a loss, still going down and so i'll take it ..

but it means that I have spectacularly lost the first week of my challenge with Mel LOL ...but I have 3 weeks to pull it back .. watch this space! :-)

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  1. but for the record, it could be the heat. when it gets hot i have a 50/50 chance of retaining water and having lower losses, you may trounce me next week! :) huggles x