Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 17 Weigh-in Result & Challenging Friends (in a good way!) ...

Woohoo!  I have been positively angelic this week (apart from the chardonnay and Woo Woo's last night but since my head still hurts we won't talk about those! lol) and am very happy to be reporting that another 2lb has bitten the dust! 

And, I now have another reason to get with it in the next few weeks :-)   I have challenges running with 2 friends ... first one has been running for 2 weeks with my friend Carole, and is for us to aim to lose 13lbs in 13 weeks - at the end of which she is coming to visit and we will put some of it back on in al-kee-haul LMAO!! So far I have ticked off 5lbs of that so its looking good :-)

the 2nd challenge will be tougher, its against my mate Mel, who posts awesome numbers on good weeks and i'm not allowed to encourage her to eat LOL..  we are going to do a head-to-head monthly count on who can lose the most ... first official wi for this is May 22nd for her and May 23rd for me..

watch this space (and if you happen to see Mel, please buy her a cake!) ...

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