Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's turning into one of those weeks...

... you know the ones, where you get a disappointing result that knocks you off your game and tanks your motivation :-(  I have been trying to be upbeat about my 1lb loss but its just so frustrating to have been so focused, to have saved points and have a load of ap's and still get only one pound off!

I'm starting day 3 of my tracking week today and so far I havent even tracked, and I haven't eaten anything sensible in the last 2 days :-( 

At a rough guess I think that if I can start to get it together today then my ap's for the week and a few extra saved points for the next 5 days should put me in not too bad shape overall .. but I dont feel anymore motivated today than I did yesterday so not sure i'm going to get very far ...

I supposed I just have to try and get back with it and see... i really dont want to have to face a gain on Sunday!


  1. Got my fingers for you chick :) I know its easy to say but it's still a lb off in the grand scheme of things. You've come so far, you really have :)

    You'll find your motivation some how I'm sure xxx

  2. thanks Lexie ..

    think I now know what the deal is with the lousy loss and the blah feeling lol.. got my totm, its a week early so I didnt put it together.. I should have thought about it but guess I aint that bright lol

    hope you are doing well this week! xx

  3. Mine made a surprise visit early too, whats all that about I ask ya?!

    Not doing too bad this week, got my 2 and a half stone off so dead chuffed but still feeling pretty blah myself!