Monday, May 17, 2010

It's all going swimmingly...

... Sorry, just couldnt resist that one! :-)

But, it's true, the last couple of weeks have been great for me, I have made progress again after a 3 week stall (I refuse to go with the "Plateau" idea, that makes it seems like something that is entirely out of your control and I don't believe that to be true), I have my exercise routine set and am happy with it, for now, and I have been eating well and seeing the benefits in more than lost lbs.. I feel better - more energy, less slumps, sleeping better and generally on a more even keel mood wise, I smile more and I am much keener to get out there!... and look better too -  my hair, skin and nails are in way better shape.

On the exercise front the best change is that I really really want to walk more, get outside more and get to the pool or gym and do a kick-ass workout, it's become a valued part of  my daily routine and I wouldn't feel right if I didn't do it.  Those are words I didn't ever see myself saying and it feels great! lol 

I know that a lot of people my size (and hey, even a lot much smaller!) just don't have the confidence to step into a gym, or a swimming pool for fear that everyone will look at them the way you would expect a naked women to be viewed in a gay club! an oddity that just doesnt belong there!  I would be lying if i said you never get that, because we all know you do, and a lot depends on where you go...  I used to say that the council leisure centres were the best bet due to having a wide range of users of all sorts of shapes and sizes but recently I have to say I have joined the supporting ranks of the other side - the members only health club one! 

In January this year we joined one of these as a family and have truely never looked back!  Its an Esporta Club (55 of them so probably one near you!) and it aint cheap, but to me it would be a bargain at twice the price...  I feel welcome, supported and at home there...maybe its just the staff there, maybe they arent all like that, but the membership of ours is about 60% families and it's not stuffy, fuzzy or snobby in any way at all ...

Even if you think it's not for you, check your local places out, you might find a diamond in the rough too...

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