Sunday, May 09, 2010

Week 16 Weigh-in Result - Got my 10%!! ...

This has been a really GREAT week!  I ended the week last night with 34 ap's totted up and 7.5pts still banked... and the net result of that at wi this morning was a 3lb LOSS!!  Woohoo!! 

AND, that means that this week I finally got to my 10% weight loss after skirting it for 3 weeks... its so great to reach that point and know that the only way is up from this point on, I'll get thiner, fitter and healthier every week and that is not too shabby! :-))))))


  1. thats BRILLIANT news :o)

    well done you, I know how hard you've worked x

  2. thanks Debs :-) its been a while to get to the 10% lol.. took me 4 weeks with a sts, a 1lb loss and a 2lb gain along the way.. this week was good though because i wasnt eating well the previous 2 weeks so I dont expect to get anymore 3lb losses, think 1-2lb is more realistic from here on, but then you never know .. I plan to up my exercise this week by adding an extra session in the gym so will see what result that gives me ... the main thing is that this has given my motivation another huge boost and i'm looking forward to the challenge this week :-)

    hope you have had a good week and are enjoying the sun! xx

  3. Congratulations chick, that's fantastic! You are doing so well :) xxx

  4. thanks Lexie, I am just glad to be with it again after bouncing around getting nowhere for 3 weeks ... getting that 10% has really given me a boost and I feel turbo charged this week LOL .. hope you are having a good week! xx