Sunday, February 07, 2010

500 lengths in Feb!...

...Ok, so here I am :-)

Angela , aka Secretselkie on some of those dubious messageboards out there in cyberspace! *grin*

This is my first attempt at writing a blog and i fully expect it to fall as flat as my belly flops at the pool (aahhh! i hear you say, now I get the post title!)

anyway, on to the reason I am here - I have decided that 2010 is going to be the year that I finally get round to learning to scuba-dive, but there's a problem, in order to do that I need to get to a point where I wouldn't have to worry about running (or indeed swimming) away from the nearest whaling fleet. simple really, you cant safely scuba if you weigh too much ... so, I plan to fix that this year :-)

My campaign started on Jan 17th when my hubby & I joined a health club and forked out enough cash to cover mexico's debt to the US in order to get hot showers and a pool without cracked tiles. We also figured if it ain't cheap we will use it to get our money's worth - that seems to be working as we have practically moved in.

I am also following the weight watchers plan online, my 3rd weigh-in is tomorrow and I am hoping for good things, so far I have lost 4lbs and have set myself a goal of there being 20lbs less of me to haul through the water by my birthday on April 3rd - watch this space ...

I have started to spend a bit of time in the gym and am actually enjoying it, but at this early stage I need the cardio to get that first bit of weight off and I am much better at swimming, so for now at least I am mainly going to stick with my selkie routine and stock up on the anti-chlorine shampoo :-)

I have no idea what will actually end up in this blog, but hope you enjoy at least some of it!

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