Monday, February 08, 2010

Ok, so I did say I like Horror! ...

... and believe me the "before" pic I have just added to my profile definitely qualifies as first class, tarrantino-esque quality of shock, horror and awfulness :-((( I should most certainly have been eating that pineapple rather than drinking the booze in it!

But, its there for a reason - so I can see where I started and where I am NEVER going back too.

mind you the really scary bit is the numbers (the first one starting with a 2 is something I will be really happy to lose in the next few months) ... so, here goes *gulp* my starting weight on Jan 17th 2010 was 24st 7lbs OMG!!!!!
In the first 2 weeks I lost 4lbs, and my week 3 WI yesterday netted me another 3lb loss! That was a good end to the week and got me my first WW Silver 7 and has got me out of bed and moving better than most monday mornings.

The big news in my life this week is that tomorrow we are getting 4 new kittens. (first it was one that my daughter wanted, then we said she could have two so they had company, and then I made the mistake of letting my hubby see the other two and suddenly we are taking them as well! - now how did that happen!)Two of them have names so far but we are still arguing over the other two. Mind you this will help my diet efforts too, i'll need to eat less to pay for all these extra small fluffy things...

well, the sun is out so that's what I'm doing too, a walk to park will get me those much needed activity points for going out to see a band on Saturday night!

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