Sunday, February 21, 2010

If only I could swim to the Gym...

Well, big news this week is that I have reached that first milestone of losing a stone! ~ at WI today i had lost another 3lbs so I am down a total of 15lbs since Jan 17th (5 weeks) ***YAY!***

I wasn't expecting much this WI as i havent been to the gym at all and have only been swimming once due to visiting relatives and half-term, so I am extremely pleased to have got a great result.

I do have a dilema this week in that I know i need to do more cardio than weights at this early stage in my weight loss, but i really feel I should be doing equal time in the gym and the pool, but i just cant do the amount of cardio in the gym that I want to get to in each workout, whereas in the pool i find it a doddle. If i could combine them in one session it would be great but that is just far too much faffing about LOL - for now I am going to stick to 3 visits to the pool and 1 to the gym and review that again in 4-6 weeks depending on how my weight loss is going :-)

I have set myself a new mini goal that is a bit bigger and further away. I want to lose another 35lbs by the time I go on holiday in July, so hopefully giving me a total loss of 50lbs for the first 6 months ~ check out my tracker at the bottom of the page to see how i'm doing :-)

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