Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Have Munchies & Calamine, Will Travel ...

... Good news first --- I don't often find something new that impresses me all that much - especially when its food that is classed as "healthy" - but today is different.

A few days ago I discovered a site where you can order boxes of nibbles that are posted to you, Its called Graze and I got my first box of goodies today and i'm very happy with the result. I got raisins, dates, walnuts, cashews, various seeds and bits and some really fabulously tasty little crackers that were only 0.5 ww points for the packet! All hail to the munchies God *lol*

Anyone who wants to try a graze box for free can go to the site via this link and enter this code 1HJPZ48N :-)

And now for the bad news --- My youngest daughter (19 months) has the dreaded CHICKEN POX!!!, and you can bet my 6 year old isnt far behind :(
Guess i am going to be hitting the pool in the evenings this week, well at least then it's adults only and quiet!

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