Monday, February 22, 2010

A Whole New Meaning to April Showers...

...Showers of Sweat that is! ... because I done something that I may live to regret *lol*

I have signed up for the 2010 Swimathon event to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.
I was going to enter to do the 1.5km distance but decided that it wouldn't be enough of a goal to aim for so I signed my life away and agreed to do the 2.5km *gulp* - that's 100 lengths of a 25 metre pool that I have to do in a max time of 3 hours! Piece of cake!?! - well it just might be if I can avoid eating any of said cake along the way!
D-Day (hope the D doesn't end up meaning Drowning! *lol*) is April 16th...

Food & exercise wise today has been a bust, I should have been doing some serious swimming today but I just couldn't deal with getting off the sofa in the morning... I did get going eventually but didn't manage nearly as many metres as i was hoping for ... after 8 days off due to my in-laws visiting I am finding it really hard to get going again. I know that as soon as I do i'll feel much better so its really silly to have not gone all out to get the lengths done that I had planned - this will be rectified tomorrow! I am heading to the pool in the morning with my daughter and will get with the program again - an extra alarm and some caffeine and I will survive! lol :-)

My points have had to deal with more stretching then my waistline these last 2 days, sitting about more than usual means I eat more so the exercise really has to get back on track! I am supposed to be on 31 points a day, but have used 13 extra by today *nonono* Its day 2 of my week so here's hoping I can claw it back over the next few days, if I do then great, but if i dont then I am determined not to end the week anymore down than that and to just move on again next week, bumps in the road are all part of the process i guess...

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