Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Dark side of the Dark stuff! ~ Chocolate & Coffee that is...

... Getting my soapbox dusted off today as I have been reading stuff that just annoys me ...

First they say that coffee is actually good for you - it contains large amounts of anti-oxidents and can apparently improve artery health ... so all good there , but! then we are told it has a nasty ole habit of preventing your body from absorbing vitamins properly !?! I give up!

Then, I read pretty much the same good/bad stuff for my favorite dark chocolate :((((( I have decided that these people havent got a clue and just change the rules when they think we are getting too cocky about knowing what we should be eating!
And talking of eating, I haven't done too well this week (as i posted yesterday) but I am back on track today, after ending yesterday at -33 points (yep that is a MINUS sign!). I know I won't be able to pull that back in the 4 days i have left so I am just going to write it off and try and keep on track from now till my sunday morning WI :-)
Exercise is still a bit iffy this week too, due to sick little people and lack of oomph on my part I havent yet got to the gym this week, but I have managed a decent amount of swimming at least and I am going to the pool later and actually feeling good about that! of course i'll need to be home early in order to fit in the time I need to drink my coffee, sneak in my chocs and round off the day with a mega vitamin pill to make everything right with the world again! *lol*

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