Sunday, February 28, 2010

Selkie-esque Status, Wonky Weights & Pussycat Pics...

... so, here I am at the end of another week where I smell like an explosion in a bathroom cleaner factory! Can a chlorine smell actually ever be removed by any of these bottles and potions they sell? LOL

but, the good news is that in the last 4 days I have swam over 6km :-) I consider that a serious high five moment for me considering before 5 weeks ago I hadn't done any proper swimming in almost 4 years ...
and while i'm on the subject, on friday I started my 6 week countdown to Swimathon D-Day (not drowning! well I am pretty sure not LoL).

One thing that is really helping me train is being part of a great challenge on the ww fitness challenges message board (Big hello to Jill!), My challenge for March is to swim the 29km length of the 'Gate of Tears' strait at the south end of the Red sea. As I can only be sure about getting to the pool 3 times a week that's not going to be easy - works out at having to cover 2072m at each visit to the pool (will be able to chill a bit more on weeks i know I can go 4 times). I'm going to add another tracker here to add up my progress.

I have also set myself a swimming challenge to complete before next year's Swimathon (when I hope to be up to entering to do the 5km distance) - I want to cover the 350km distance across the widest part of the Red Sea - as far as I can work out at the moment, being short of a crystal ball and all, is that this distance divided by the number of weeks I hope to be able to swim enough works out at having to complete just over 7.5km a week ... not sure if I can do this and I might have to extend the time to next summer or thereabouts, but I'm going to give it my best shot :-)

The Red Sea is the first place I want to scuba dive so this should really help keep me focused on my main fun goal and reason for losing weight! I'll make it on that dive holiday by my mid forties if it kills me :-)))))

And, more good news, I have lost another 2lb at WI this morning, making for a total loss of 17lbs since Jan 17th, I was especially happy with that as i did a sneaky wi on friday (yeah, i know, BAD IDEA!) and it had me at a 2lb gain, guess i hadn't balanced out enough of my earlier in the week piggery by that time - this leaves me with 33lbs left to banish forever by July 18th!

and finally, just so that this post isn't just all about my boring ramble I have added some pics of my so, so cute little kitties... they are 10 weeks old and bleedin' little monkeys! from top to bottom they are Kiba, Kasumi, Kai & Kuma :-))))))))))

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