Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Creepy Crawley Calories...

... ok, so i'm not having that great a week so far, my points tracking week started again on Sunday and in the last 3 days I have gone 7.5 points over (have covered this using activity points earned on tuesday), which, on the surface doesn't sound that bad .. but I just don't feel very in control at the moment and i'm really not sure why !?!

I was never one for absently eating stuff without realising I was doing it - I was a paid up member of the eat the whole box and stuff it gang -  i knew what I was eating!   but this week I have found myself eating bits without even really wanting them, like giving the kids ginger biscuits and putting one in my mouth as I handed them out, and giving them dried fruit and grabbing a handful of cranberries myself ... its just odd because I never ate like that before so not sure why, after 7 weeks on the ww plan i have started doing this now.

anyway, the good news was that at my last WI, when i lost 3lbs I also reached the milestone of having lost 5% of my body weight... its amazing how seeing that has really helped convince me that this is do-able after all, i really can lose all that i need to as long as i keep at it and ignore the blips along the way :-))))))


  1. I think the reason we pick is because if we know the points are there, we just use them up - I find in the evenings when I've had all my main points I start to think "ooh, I could have xxx" without really needing it. Well done on your loss :)


    PS - I tried to follow you blog but can't find the section!

  2. think you are right missy :-) I did that last night, didnt really want to eat anything but had points left and thought, ok why not .. so silly really but i think everyone does it .. btw, I have moved the follow button to near the bottom of the page .

    hope you are having a great day and thanks so much for the comment! xx