Friday, March 05, 2010

Where's 'elf and safety when you need them...

... I ask because its got to be considered a hazzard to be carrying my toddler everywhere when she has the chicken pox and is being lazy and pathetic! lol ...  My arms are getting such a work I have to remember to keep changing sides or I am going to be lop-sided by next week! she isn't nicknamed the Boulder Baby for nothing!

On a happier note I am ultra proud of myself this week, have been getting the gym time in, heading for my 3rd swimming session of the week tonight, and - this is the one that really deserves a free halo polishing :-) -  I went out for dinner to Nando's with some friends last night --- and,--- while they had burgers with a ton of sauce & cheesecake/chocolate cake, I had a chicken pitta with salad and coleslaw as my sides, and fat free frozen yogurt for dessert :-)))))  I was amazed how much I actually enjoyed it, and it meant I went to bed last night with another 6 points safely tucked up in my ww bank meaning that I now have 11 saved, this will cover some wine tonight and some treats over the weekend!  YAY!!!

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