Monday, March 22, 2010

Scale Shocker! and the rot starts to creep in...

... after deciding that I needed to be a good lil ww convert and track my weight every week,  I marched (read: shuffled slowly with shaking dread!) to the scales on sunday morning, and, GOT A 3LBS LOSS!!! WHAT?!?  ... I am still reeling a bit from that number, I cant for the life of me work out how after 2 weeks of iffy eating and just about no exercise i got a loss of any kind, let alone another 3lb ticked off ... I am starting to build a little muscle and that will be working for me but I still don't get it ... however i'll take it and keep moving downwards  :-)

But, as always the good news comes with a side order of not so fabulous LOL ... when I was at the pool on Friday I felt good (great even!) to be back swimming again and was even happier when I got to 100 laps :-))) ... but I wouldn't be clever to ignore the little voice in my head that at about the 60 length mark piped up with "I could really go for 10 mins on a cross-trainer right now to break this up a bit". The sad truth is that as much as I am a true waterbaby and love love love my swimming, I am starting to get a bit bored :-(   It's been a few weeks since I was last in the gym, and I would like to know how much better I will be in there after all these weeks of swimming and slimming!, and I really feel the need to have a cardio workout that involves doing more than one thing ... and of course it makes sence, my body is getting used to swimming and i have noticed in the last 2 weeks that its getting easier and so harder to keep my heart rate in the right zone.   So tonight I am heading back to the gym to test the waters (no pun intended! LOL) ... results to follow: 

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