Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Waving, not Drowning...

... first off a big cheery wave to my new followers .. I didn't actually think anyone would read this rubbish so its very nice to see you guys, ... seriously, you should get out more *grin*

Yesterday was a really good day, I went to bed with 4 points to spare and swam 94 lengths at the pool - giving me a great start of 2350 metres ticked off my 29km March swimming challenge  :-) updating my ticker with that felt really good...

Today has been pretty boring overall, still stuck at home during most days with a spotty child - although she is on the mend and will hopefully be fighting fit to go back in the creche next tuesday so that I can get back to the gym when it's quiet.

This week I have been thinking about, and starting to make a list of all the little reasons why and the ways my life will be better once I lose more weight, as well as things I will then we able to do/try that I am either too cowardly to try yet or i just wouldnt fit on or into. I have added a page with a few of these so far (SEE NEW PAGE: Who Moved the Goal Posts?)  Hopefully this will help someone else as reading these lists on other blogs has helped me pin down some ideas that will help with motivating me in bad weeks!).

I have also started to write a list of non food rewards (SEE NEW PAGE: Mini Teats @ Mini Goals)  that I am going to treat myself to, and work out when i think I'll deserve them (apparently 'all the time' wasn't specific enough for my hubby's bank balance LOL) Any and all suggestions would be appreciated .  I have a big treat planned for my daughter and I in April - A Fancy spa day - IF she can lose a stone by then (has lost 8lbs so far) and I can get to 2 stones off (11lbs to get there)...Wish us Luck!

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