Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Attitude NSV, Motivation Confusion and Mini Treats Update!

Today is turning into a mixed bag for me on the road to a healthier life...

On the plus side I have apparently reached a point in my thinking process that is helping me out.. I have started to look at sites about Barcelona (yeah i know i'm not going for a lllooonnngg gtime! LOL but i'm bored this week!) and after opening the first one (Time Out Guide) the first section I clicked to go to was the one for Sport, Health & Fitness! WOW! 

In the past I would have unswervingly headed for the restaurant or attractions pages first, and probably wouldnt have even bothered noticing there was a section with the words health or fitness in it... So yay me for starting to re-gig my thinking to get on board with the concept that this is about a permanent lifestyle change and not just a temp situation while on a 'diet' :-)

Heading up the minus cheer section is an odd one, as its not really a minus in the normal way but it is causing me a few hiccips ... I am really starting to feel so much better, I can run up the stairs! and do so much more than I used to be able to, and I am also looking better with clearer skin, shinier hair and much better shape all round, esp my calves, butt (GO! Reebok Easytones! Hup Hup Hup!), waist & face/Chin,  and, over the last 10 days or so I have also had a fairly serious drop in appetite, most noticably in not wanting to eat rubbish!

Now, all of this is progress that I have been desperate to see, which of course is great! but there're a catch it seems.  I am finding it harder and harder to eat enough points eveyday (never thought that would ever be a problem for me but there you go!). I wasn't ever a big snack kind of person, I more ate huge meals with desserts/extras, but as I can no longer deal with portions like that I am having to add snacks that I basically don't want and the whole idea just seems counter-production and really silly!  I know that if i don't eat enough that this is going to have a knock-on effect on future loses and on my ability to maintain those loses too but I can't seem to see this as anything but a backwards step.  I have this voice in my head that is yelling at me something along the lines of "if you eat a few less points everyday then you are going to start to look/feel even better even quicker" and its getting harder to ignore when I am not only so happy with the changes I can see so far but also dreading the coming heat of summer and all that means when you are overweight (you all know so I dont have to spell that one out!).  I guess time (and the scale) will tell me soon enough whether this is a blip or a bigger issue I have to get to grips with to move forward...

Last bit of this post is to say that I have updated my Mini Treat @ Mini Goals page... I've added links to various things on there so that people can see what i'm up to.. as always comments or suggestions are very welcome!

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