Saturday, March 20, 2010

My First Century :-)

I DID IT!!!   after 10 days off with no swimming due to illness (mine and kids) I got back to the pool yesterday and managed to do 100 lengths for the first time!   that's 2.5km !!   I was on cloud 9 for all of last night and being good with my eating choices has been a breeze today because I am still on a high!  ... guess I actually needed a rest LOL

Its been a tough tough week, but I am ending it only being over by 4.5pts .. I can live with that :-))

WI tomorrow is going to still be a shocker I think as I must have had a gain last week that I just wasnt brave enough to face :-(   but, I am feeling better, and back in control again and i'll face the numbers and aim to get at least another 2lbs off by next sunday ..

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