Monday, March 29, 2010

It's all gone quiet, said Rhubarb!...

...Too quiet, said Custard

I am at a bit of a loose end this week with only one child in the house (the other's are on holiday with my mum, god bless her lol). I have been enjoying a bit of down time, and the quiet, especially the quiet!  but, after a couple of days of this now I am starting to get bored, and that is sending out diet SOS's which would normally make me very afraid  - when I get bored I eat, because it fills in the time and calms me down - guess I so rarely get a chance to even think about being bored that I simply don't have a clue how to deal with it :-( 

Except! .. the difference this time is that I'm the one in control, (So good to write those words!) I am feeling really focused this week as its my birthday on Sat and I am hell bent on getting another 2lbs off this week to give me a nice rounded 2st off before I have to face being officially only a year away from the big 4-O!  *gulp*

Instead of sitting about this week (apart from today - preparing for bathroom overhaul = workmen and leaks, dont ask!) I have a battle plan, which includes lunch with some friends tomorrow, followed by a mooch round the shops (hey it's exercise if we walk fast! LOL), a playdate for little squirt at the pool on Wed, and a play in the creche for her on Thrus morning while I hit the gym for an extra boost.  And as always I will be going to the pool tonight and Wed & Friday nights and doing at least 2km each time with a plan for 2.75 on Friday...

This control thing is funny, it kind of bleeds through into other areas of my life, I feel more like I can achieve more in other areas, and its a great feeling to have.. long may it continue ! 

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