Thursday, March 25, 2010

Even God had a rest day...

... So, why do I feel like I shouldn't?  Last night I should have been at the pool bashing out at least 75 lengths, but I didn't go, I just couldn't get behind that idea. And now I feel lazy and annoyed at myself about that :-(

I guess everyone has days like that, I had dealt with a long stressful day and just wanted to sit on the sofa, play and chat on facebook and have my dinner without feeling like I had to rush to get everything done in order to get to the pool for 8pm! Some days it just all gets a bit much and I guess yesterday was one of them.

But, the result of that decision is that I am now stressing about not getting enough exercise this week, and about the fact that not going could so easily set me on that slippery slope of going less than I need to in other weeks... and mainly that it means I won't get the 5lb loss over the next 2 weeks that I would dearly love to get as that would mean having lost 2 stone by my birthday...

I am on track with my points, should end Saturday with a few to spare, so I am hopefully looking at getting a couple more lbs ticked off this weekend anyway, but it's almost like I feel if I havent put in the effort on the exercise front that I won't deserve it!  One of these days I need to stop being so hard on myself, but it seems this isnt going to be that day...


  1. I know exactly what you mean, I pretty much exercise every day because if I take a day off I feel guilty. And yet I know that rest days are vitally important, but I find it hard to sit at home knowing I haven't moved much for a whole day - it just doesn't seem right!

  2. thanks for the comment! you have it summed up exactly right there :-)

    I don't do 'formal' exercise everyday, I try to do one gym session and 3 times at the pool most weeks so I do have days where I do just a bit of walking or a short DVD workout during the day and not head out to do something more at night.. Its just thats on a night when I should have been doing that and didn't it seems, to me anyway, to be like you are doing something wrong by not doing anything much at all when you planned to, it feels like quitting just a little bit and its not a nice feeling.

    Anyway, I am still feeling irritated by this and also a bit bored so I am heading back to the gym tonight, hopefully that will even things up and make me feel better *lol*

    Hope you are having a great day! and keep up your blog entries as I always read them :-)