Saturday, March 06, 2010

You Lose, You (Don't) Snooze...

Ok, I know that saying is backwards but all will become clear in a minute.

Obviously we all know that the reasons for losing weight and getting fitter/healthly as a result outweigh (no pun intended!) the reasons not to by about, oh, a gzillion to, well, ZERO really. However, having said that, there are a few interesting quirks with this lark that they don't tell you about ...

Over the last few weeks I have been putting in the exercise, and socialising more and generaly doing lots more as a result of the extra energy I have from doing said exercise, all of which is good, but, I have a complaint (or 3! lol).

First off, I find that on days when i'm not doing serious exercise (mainly on my non-swimming days) I find it harder to get off to sleep at night due to just not having used enough energy during the day, this results in me being more tired, more hungry and, let's face it, grumpier the next day - all of which means that if i have serious swimming/gym time planned that day its so much tougher to get motivated and moving :-(  not sure what the answer to this is other than trying to fit in more exercise during every day.. which brings me neatly to my next problem.

My house is seriously suffering from Neglect! between my exercise routine, kids clubs, swimming with kids/friends and general running around I am now out for most evenings, and at least most of 4 weekdays every week.. and you would think that would mean less housework as there is no-one home to make a mess? well WRONG!  between my dear hubby (who is only really anround 1 full day a week - and to be fair does a fantastic job of chipping in with cooking, cleaning and organising children when he is here), my teenage daughter (who doesnt seem to understand the concept of putting stuff back where you found it, and leaves her rubbish all over the house), my 6 year old (wants all her stuff out on the floor at once and is just learning to do more stuff for herself and so is leaving my kitchen and bathroom looking like the aftermath of a tornado touchdown!), and my 19 month old toddler ('nough said really!), my house is coming close to being a health hazard. Once you add four 10 week old kittens, an indoor rabbit, and a parade of child/teen visitors you can begin to see my problem.  This problem also leads me to my 3rd issue (sort of!) ...

So far I have lost 20lbs in 7 weeks (another 3lb loss this week :-), and this is FANTASTIC!!  but, this means that I am already in need of new clothes, and due to problems 1 and2 I dont bleedin' well have time to go shop for them LOL ... online shopping is my friend normally, but after having to return 4 things this week that either didn't fit or i didnt like i am getting a bit irritated ... watch this space to see if I come up with a solution that works for this one ... or send me yours if you have it sussed! :-) 

so, to cap it off, its been a weird few weeks where I either couldn't sleep, didn't have time to sleep, or had too much going on to even give me the chance to try ... I need a holiday and a cleaner! in that order...but for now i'll have to make do with using a site i was told about this week to try and gain some control over the chaos 

Wish me luck (and come help dig me out if this idea fails!)   xx


  1. Sounds like real life!! Only solution is to up sticks and leave home, it can only get worse!!

  2. your doing awesome sweetie! go you! :) your clearly a swimming machine, and youll get the balance right eventually :) x