Sunday, March 28, 2010

To meet or not to meet...

... This week I have told 4 new people that I am doing weight watchers, and the first thing all of them asked was which meeting I go to... and they were all equally surprised when I said I didnt go to a meeting, that I track online, wi at my health club and motivate myself.  I also posted a comment on this subject on another blog that I always read (  please give it a look if you haven't already, this lady is great and helps keep me on track!)

This reaction really made me focus on why I don't do what people consider the norm of going to a meeting every week. First off let me say that I have no opinion against ww meetings (and indeed I get a bit of extra support some weeks from a lovely lady on facebook who is a ww leader and runs a facebook group for the people who attend her 2 meetings and anyone else who wants to join in) and I actually have great respect for people that do go to these meetings and wi every week in front of a whole room of people, especially when they know they have had a bad week and the scales aren't going to be kind - that takes more courage than I probably have! :-) 

I have a few reasons for not going to meetings. Its just not me for a start, I have never been a group joining kind of person, too independant for that I guess. I also don't like the constraints of having to show up at a certain place and time every week - I would feel pressured by that and would rebel against it lol

If I had to clarify my choice then I suppose my main reason would be this:    I dont want to have to spend the next few years of my life needing the validation of a ww leader/group to keep me on track, I believe (rightly or wrongly) that if i cant lose the weight by motivating myself then how would I be able to live with maintaining it in the real world and just getting on with my life? The answer is i'm not sure I could if I had needed that much help,support and validation to get to that point. Bottom line for me I guess if that i'm not willing to take the change on this, at least not this early in the game when I am finding it easy(ish) to motivate myself.

I might re-consider meetings as I get nearer goal and it gets harder to lose every week and when I need inspiration on how to live on less points. I am always open to shaking things up when something isn't working anymore, so I would never say never,  but for now I am really enjoying being accountable to myself and having the oomph to get on with it knowing that I am making that effort for me alone and not because I dont want to be embarrassed in front of people in a class next week!

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