Monday, March 29, 2010

Reebok Rules!!

Just a quick post before I hit the hay...

For mother's day my wonderful hubby and children got me a pair of the Reebok Easy Tone trainers that I really wanted.. and I hate to use such an overused americanism but nowt else will do..

They are AWESOME!!!! 

I wasnt too sure to start with as the first couple of times I wore them it was a bit odd to feel yourself wobble! lol. and I didnt walk far enough to really try them out, but since then I have walked a lot more in them and can really feel the difference compared to my normal Nikes (used to be my brand of choice but see ya!, sorry!). The best bit is I can feel the toning effect in a bit of my calf - the outer edge - that doesnt seem to get used so much when i'm swimming so its great to know that another bit is toning up :-)

I always wonder if these sorts of things are a gimick and normally avoid them.. but this one works exactly like it says on the tin... if you have been thinking about getting a pair....then...


sorry!  Just couldn't help myself :-)))))))))))


  1. I've been wearing mine for a few weeks now. I got the black and pink ones and they've been surprisingly comfortable. I'm definitely feeling the burn in my calves, but I haven't seen any change to my butt. I just wish reebok easytone trainers came in white and pink!

  2. hey there! thanks for the comment :-) I got the white, purple and lime ones (although its the strangest lime I have ever seen, more like snot green! lol).

    You are so right about the colours though, its odd to not do more mainly white ones when they are for women, think thats the only place they dropped the ball on this product.

    They definitely do more for your calves at the start, I am hoping the butt help kicks in soon :-)

    Hope you have a great day! xx