Friday, March 19, 2010

A Drowning not waving moment! - WI Dread & Denial :-(

ok, so last week I had a really BAD! week, I ended Saturday  at 19.5 points over for the week :-( and I fully expected a gain (figured I couldnt not get one!)..
So, instead of facing the music I decided to bail and not wi, yeah yeah, wrong plan, I know! and it really has been, not having a start point or knowing how much damage I did last week I have been floundering this week too - with one and a half days to go I am 11pts in the red!
I do have mitigating circs in that I have had a lousy head cold & stomach bug, and sick children as well, the net result of which has been no swimming and zero gym time in the last 10 days.  The problem of course is no exercise+illness (mine & Kids)=boring stressful days=BIG TIME MUNCHIES, especially at night when I am normally out doing my waterbaby routine and so safely away from the fridge :-( 

Ok, so enough of the pity party and on to the (planned!) solution. As of yesterday I am feeling not too bad, and last night I didnt want to push it but tonight I am heading to the pool and will try and rack up as many ap's as possible, I need 8 ap's to wipe out my points debit, and normally that wouldnt be hard but not sure about doing that amount of swimming today after a break and when I still don't feel 100% - guess I'll be reporting one way or the other in my next post - I will WI on sunday and deal with the result whatever way those little numbers swing , denial isn't good for my blood pressure :-)    watch this space

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