Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reflections from the Cross-trainer...

... Since my post last night I have been doing some serious reflection on the way I felt and getting it put into perspective, I think :-) I am now 9 weeks into my ww eating plan and new exercise routine and am down a fair few inches and 23lbs. I dont think I've looked yet at the bigger picture and the fact that these results are pretty damn good and should be recognized!

I actually feel really good about sticking with it this time round, I already feel so much better than I have done in years and that is providing real motivation to keep at it - Ok so the gym  last night was kind of a struggle and with all the swimming I have been doing I was stunned (and disappointed) at how tough I found it.  but the important fact right here and right now is that no matter how tough it was - I will be going back to try again! 

I have the right attitude this time, I know that if I keep showing up it will start to get easier and i'll just keep getting better, stronger and fitter, I am aiming for health and fitness this time and not just letting the numbers on a scale be the be all and end all, it helps me to see this as heading to more of a rounded goal that improves my whole life and not just my waistline. Hopefully this little nugget will give me an emotional cushion in the first week I do get a gain as its bound to happen at some point ... the real difference this time around is that when it does i'll acknowledge it, move on, and try and do better the following week.

The fact that I can now see clearly that having a bad week (or even several!)  isn't the end is a real epiphany for me, that one tough moment doesnt have to cause a landslide that ends my resolve and ultimately my progress is something that hasn't ever really 'stuck' with me before, and I'm finding it fasinating  LOL


  1. Well done on such a brilliant weight loss in so short a time. Perhaps you found it so hard at the gym because your body is getting used to the swimming exercise and the gym pushed you in a different way? Food for thought...

  2. Sometimes a moment's reflections on our overall achievement is just what's needed to settle our minds. This was an inspiring post. Your last paragraph is the clincher.
    Good luck with the rest of your journey.

  3. WOW, thanks so much for the comments guys :-) It's nice to know that people are reading this stuff, keeps me honest .. hope you both have a great week! xx