Thursday, April 01, 2010

10 for 10 Challenge @ the Gym

I now consider it to be officially spring so April seems like a great time to kick off a new challenge for myself, (and to complete an old one :-)

My Spring Swim Challenge from the ww boards is pretty much half way through and I want to complete the other half this month - I have 14km, 425m to go - check out the ticker at the bottom of the page to see how i'm doing! I plan to go to the pool twice each week this month and so knocking off the 2.5km i will cover in the swimathon that means I have to do a minimum of 1325m at each of the other 9 visits - as I normally swim more than that I should be able to polish this one off even if I have to miss any :-)
I guess i'll need to start thinking about another distance challenge to start next month!

As for my new Challenge, that is pretty simple - I want to get to the gym a minimum of 10 times this month, and do at least 10 mins on each of the 3 cardio machines that I currently use (cross-trainer/bike/ treadmill).

I would also like to start adding the rowing machines for at least 5 mins, for some reason I find this one a struggle due to it hurting my back, and I find it really boring so its tough to make the effort, but when I have used it I could feel my core muscles doing their thing so I would like to get to grips with this machine.

I'm going to add another ticker for this so that I can track my progress ... If I manage to do this then May's challenge will be 15 for 15 at the gym, so that my normal routine will then be 2 gym days and 1 at the pool...

Happy April Fools Day everyone, hope you don't get too caught out! xx

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