Friday, April 09, 2010

Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be...Sneezing Selkie!

Well, I knew it was coming, had to be here soon, but I was hoping for a reprieve till the end of the School Easter Holidays ... but, guess i'm not that lucky,  My annual Hayfever curse is here.. I woke up this morning with a red, runny nose itchy eyes and a stinking headache :-(

Oh well, trip to the doc's tomorrow, a week of feeling like death till the meds kick in and then i'll be able to stick my tongue out at the pollen count and get on with my life.

Only consolation this year is I because I can't taste things properly I'll be less tempted to eat the bad stuff.  It sure ain't worth the points if you can't get the full experience *grin*

Apart from that my week is going well - after a rocky start I got back on track with my points yesterday and if I stick to my plan for the rest of today and tomorrow I will finish the week with 3 points to spare :-)  

 My exercise plan is going well too, I did my 35 mins of cardio at the gym on Monday (plus another 15 mins of weights), and even got an extra bit of swimming in that day due to the gym closing earlier than the pool (who decided that was a good plan Esporta?). I did a second 100 mins of swimming on Tuesday and then was in the pool again with the kids on Wednesday morning and did 30 mins of lane swimming then, and I am still heading out to do some more tonight,  if the extra doesnt show on the scales this Sunday I bet i'll have something to celebrate next weekend! 

In the meantime, can someone pass the tissues? ...

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