Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 13 Weigh-in, Swimathon Success! and why I'm so annoyed about other people's attitudes!

Well, let's get the less good news out of the way first! (and I say less good, rather than bad because it's still better than I expected)  --- I got a STS this week - anything is better than a gain, right?  I have said that to lots of other people but know that they haven't really believed it, and normally neither do I, but this week I'll take it and run... after ending a terrible eating week at almost 30pts over (I lost the plot again on Friday night and had a major munch fest!) I can honestly say that I am just very happy not to have to report my first ever gain.. that would really have sucked!

And, so on to the GREAT news!!   I rocked the Swimathon!  I decided that swimming 100 lengths doing front crawl was just too easy - so I did the whole thing breast stroke! and completed it in 1h 32mins :-)))))

Of course, to have that good news be the only outcome of the day would be too simple for real life ... and so I want to tell you about something that made me feel good and bad at the same time.   The leisure centre where I did my swim is one that I hadn't ever been to before so I didn't know anyone there. When I arrived I was told to go and wait in the changing area with some of the other swimmers, and I have to say that they were all really friendly and supportive of me and of each other..  but i'm afraid I can't say the same for the staff!  It started with the receptionist who did a double take when I rolled up to the desk and told her I was there to take part in the event, followed by the assistant manager who came to fill us in on which lanes to use and where to sign in - I got various comments from her, including: "you do know it's 100 lengths don't you?", "You do know that do one will think badly of you if you can't finish it!" and the one that has to be my favourite, said as an aside to another staff member when she thought I couldnt hear, "Did you know that there wasnt any kind of check by the swimathon people on who could take part in this, i'm not sure some of this lot are going to be covered by our insurance because they dont look like they should have got off their sofas!"  WTF!!!!   To say I was angry didn't even begin to cover it!  and the fun wasn't over yet!  I was then introduced to the guy who was going to count my laps, and he looked at me like I was an alien and was actually openly hostile!! 

Now I get that there are a lot of overweight people out there who are (and will stay) that way because they dont get off their sofas! and I fully admit that I used to be at least a part paid up member of that club!  but there are also a lot like me who are trying so hard to improve themselves, lose the weight, get fitter and healthier and try and make the most of their lives!

I am a tough nut, but a lot of other people would have left that builidng in floods of tears having not done their swim and the fallout from that to their progress and self-esteem would have been catastrophic!  and that just makes me so bloody mad!!

Where the feeling good part comes in is this:   By the time we had all (17 swimmers) finished the first 25 lengths I was the only one to have not stopped for even a short break during that time! and I could actually see the attitudes starting to change, my lap counting guy sat and looked at me with his mouth open!  and the kick I got out of that will live with me for a long time ...  I honestly don't think it had ever occurred to him that Fat doesnt always equal unfit!  It was so damn funny!  After that I really enjoyed the rest of my swim, got real encouragement from the rest of the staff and walked out at the end happy to have done it.  I really hope they remember me the next time they are tempted to make a snap judgement about someone based solely on the way they look ...

But, i also know that effect will wear off quickly, thats the way the world works, and that fact is something that will always make me sad! ...


  1. Well done on completing the swimathon! That's a brilliant achievement. You should be so proud.

    I'm so angry on your behalf for the snap judgments of those staff members. What a disgraceful way to behave! I would love to have seen their faces when you finished your swim- breast stroke no doubt! I love it when people are proved wrong. Go you. :)

  2. Oh my god, I wish I had that much stamina to swim like you! Well done :o)

  3. thanks Guys! It was worth the pain the next day to have seen that attitude change from those people! just a pity it wont last :-(

    And Bryher, I am sure you could do that if you wanted to.. after your amazing weight loss you could do anything :-) hope you have fun with your new camera! and talking about cameras - i havent forgotton you wanted a pic of my bracelet, just havent taken one yet as my thistle charm had a damaged bit so it has been sent back and I cant get another one apparantly :-( so I want to choose another one to replace that and then i'll take a pic and post it for you... after that i'll post a new photo when I get each new charm :-)

    hope you both have a great week and enjoy the sun! xx