Friday, April 16, 2010

The Wind is back and we are out of the Doldrums! ...

... might have been all that cabbage I ate but we won't get into that ... :-))))))

I feel better today ..  I have been told by a few friends that this blah tired feeling and the need to eat/drink more and just not feeling with it is to do with the fact that I have lost almost 10% of my body weight..  which makes sence really, my body is starting to panic .. isnt it just a sod's law moment that you body actually fights you when you are trying to do something that is good for it! ...

As of yesterday I am eating fine again, and it looks like (with the extra ap's from the swimathon) I will end the week tomorrow only being down about 7pts - so i am still hopeful of getting a loss on Sunday morning ;-)

I am still really nervous about the swimathon tomorrow, but I feel more focused - It was pointed out to me by a friend last night that there will be people there doing the 1.5km distance and I am going to feel great that when they finish and get out of the pool I will just be getting into my stride and will be so glad I am doing more for such a great cause... 

I dont have any worries about swimming the distance - i have trained my butt off the last 3 months and I m more than ready ...  I think that for a minute there I regressed back to the "I'll do more when i'm thiner" mindset that used to hold me back before!  and I'm not going to let that suck me in again :-)) The difference now is that I get the fact that if you dont start moving and doing stuff then you dont get thiner!! Catch 22 anyone? lol

Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets in some exercise too! xx

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