Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the Blah week continues + Swimathon Nerves!...

I still feel iffy, still stressed and still not eating well  - not over points today but eating the wrong stuff again ... 

I ended last night over by 36pts!! OMG! so even with using my ap's this week I doubt i'll make the points balance by Saturday night :-(  If I had been able to get it together and save a few today I might have been in with a chance but i'm still more hungry than normal today and so have eaten all my daily points - only good news is that I haven't gone over for the day so haven't added to the points in the red. 

I think I should end the week somewhere in the region of being over by 10/12pts or so, which isn't that bad I guess :-)

At least my exercise is on track, I have clocked up a total of 3h 15m of swimming so far this week and 1 visit to the gym, I will be swimming again tomorrow and then on Saturday its Swimathon Day!! UGH!!

 I am getting really nervous about the Swimathon, not so much about doing it, as I know that doing the 100 lengths is well within what I can manage - its more just the fear of the unknown, about having people there watching me and counting and also my fear of messing up some other way and letting down all the people who have sponsored and supported me ...

I am also worried about the fact that after this week I don't have a definite goal to aim for and that that might mean I will drift a bit ... I do plan to set a new distance goal for my challenge on the ww fitness challenges board - but that isnt the same as if i mess up and get lazy on that one I am only accountable to myself and it doesnt affect anyone else ....  BUT, then maybe that's exactly what I need at this point, I need to know just how far I can motivate myself without the threat of not being able to do something in front of other people ... after all, that's the main reason for my choice to do ww online and not attend meetings... if I can't do the real world stuff now then i'll never be able to .. 

All in all i'll be glad to end this week and move onto a new one!

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  1. right...

    draw a line

    im joking, im joking - couldnt resist, lol.

    no really, your doing fantastic, and in the grand scheme of things ending the week 10/12 points over really isnt the end of the world, especially when you work out how many you'd be over if you had infact drawn a line. so you deserve a slap on the back in my books - though you should know, ive been craving kitkats since reading your post. lol.

    have you considered signing up for the race for life? if you really feel the need to feel accountable id suggest doing that, i did it last year and the atmosphere was stunning! cant do it this year due to work :( booo (redundant last year meant lots of time for training and so on)

    take care x