Saturday, April 03, 2010

Swimming Plans and Potions...

A while back I discovered the great swimming programmes at the Swimfit site.  I was looking for a way to measure my progress in the pool at that points but I just never got round to using it.
This week I am going to start using these programmes as a way to maintain, and improve on, the fitness level I have in the pool now that I will just be going twice a week instead of 3 times.. 

I am going to start with the first programme in the fitness section which means swimming 2km as this is the level I am currently at..  I have added the programme details on my exercise page and will update as I move through the levels :-)

This week I also plan to start taking an isotonic drink to the pool. I have been advised by a swimming coach at my health club that I should be doing this as I swim for over an hour ... I didnt think I was working at a high enough intensity level to need anything but water, but guess I was wrong... now all I have to do is experiment with a few different ones and see what I like/what works for me :-)    failing that you can apparently mix fruit juice and water 50/50 for the same result.

Food wise I am doing well this week, going to have 4 spare points and 19 ap's left when I end this week tonight. However, I actually think I am going to get a sts at WI tomorrow, I have been doing a lot of juggling points from one day to another, have upped my exercise, and had a dicky belly for a few days so I think my poor body is confused and hanging on to the fat for safety *lol*

I really wanted to lose that last 2lb I need to get to 2st off this week, but even without that I consider this week to be a great success - I have eaten out twice, resisted the easter chocs and met my exercise goals without ever having felt out of control, stressed or deprived .. things are looking up! :-)

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