Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 12 Weigh-in Results...Dingbat Moment and A Food breakthrough!

The results are in:  Week 12 WI = 4LBS OFF!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!

I did an early wi on Friday night this week as I was going out on Saturday night and didnt think I'd make it to the club to wi on Sunday morning. The result then was 2lbs down, which I was happy enough with..  but, I realised on Saturday that I had gone and stood on the scales with my coat still on!  ... not sure whether to blame all the pool water I am swallowing, or the jinx on my routine from the school holiday effect but I have had some serious "D'oh" moments this week.. but this one has to be the daftest! 

anyway, did get to the club to wi this morning and am very happy that I did! 

Today has also brought me a lightbulb moment on the food front ...  hubby bought a cheesecake tonight... and I pointed out that a quarter of it was 11pts... mmmmm... ok .... as I would have 6 days to fudge it till next wi I decided to go for it... but... after eating 2 bites I changed my mind and gave him half ... and then I only ate half of what I still had..  I have been reading on other blogs about getting to this point where you just eat a little bit of something and then don't get any further benefit from the taste so you quit eating - but I just wasn't buying it .... until now!!  blimey! its true :-) 

I am now actually looking forward to the next time someone offers me cake :-)))))))

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